Quickie… on the Trampoline

Not quite dark outside, dusk, when its difficult to see, to make out clear shapes. The street lights haven’t come on yet.
He convinced her to put on a skirt, no panties, he is wearing basketball shorts.
Sean leads her to the trampoline, has her climb in first. He admires her ass in the skirt.
Emma takes a deep breath as she slides through the safety net, she is shaky with anticipation, with need.
He follows her in and zips the trampolines safety net shut. The net creates an illusion of privacy.
He pulls her toward him, slips his hands under her skirt. His fingers grip her thighs, hips, as he sits on the trampoline.
He pulls his shorts down for access, he is hard. She is wet. They are both ready.

Later she worries that the spot will stain the trampoline, he tells her it will dry.
And, there will be other wet spots on the mat, in the future.

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On fifty shades, the movie

I am really NOT liking the new edition of Word press. some of that might be because it is so long between times that I write anymore and I haven’t really acquainted myself with the new layout. Still, I don’t like it.

So yes, here I am back for a bit to write a little. I don’t know if I sill have followers, ok so I know I have a few….
It’s my own fault of course, I haven’t made writing a priority or anything.

I wanted to give a little ‘review’ of the Fifty Shades movie. I imagine most of you have seen it, or will see it.
First, I thought the film itself was beautiful. the lighting, sets, colors, etc… The playroom was a  lovely contrast of red and leather that filmed well.
Dakota Johnson, cast as Ana Steele, brought a little more to the character than I expected. She gave Ana a some depth, making her appear as an innocent and confused woman rather than the dumb and spineless girl depicted in the book.

Jamie Dornan as Mr. Grey was… well, physically he fit the description.  🙂 I’m not sure if it was him or the screen writers, but he also had a little more depth of character, coming across as simply controlling as opposed to being a stalker.
The sex scenes were ok. With the hype I expected more, much more.  The camera focused on Miss Johnsons writhing body so much I felt it was repetitive and boring.  The most erotic scene in the movie was a very short scene where Ana is sitting in bed, clothed and Christian stalks across the end of the bed to her, gets right in her face… and proceeds to take a bite of the toast she is eating.
It seemed that the directors/writers forgot the movie was supposed to be ‘mommy porn’, aimed at an adult female audience. The was much female nudity and very little male nudity. One scene the camera goes very low on Mr. Dornan’s pelvis then moves away.
That’s it. Not even a single male full frontal. I was very disappointed.

If I were to compare the book and film I would say I much preferred the film. The characters were better and they went into the D/s dynamic from his view a bit more than the book does.
However, on the whole, I don’t really care for either. I’ll probably watch the sequels when they come out, out of curiosity and because I am a fan of film.

If you’ve seen it, I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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Tentacle parody…

I came across an interesting parody of the famous/infamous shades of grey series. It is by Anita Dobbs, available on ITunes (imagine that).
Are you ready for the title?
‘Fifty Shades of Grey Tentacles
The sequel?
Fifty Shades of  Grey- Masks.
The final book is not yet published.

If you love reading of these horribly monsters, you will probably enjoy these books. But remember, they are a parody.

Let me know what you think.

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Quickie… The Furniture Store

Sean moved behind her, hands yanking her leggings down to her thighs.
She tried to stay upright on her feet, her hands digging into the much too high mattress in front of her.
His hand moved to her belly, pulled her against him as he entered her.
She gasped as he filled her, her body not quite ready for his invasion.
His growl in her ear changed that, she bit back a moan.
“Don’t. Make. A. Sound.” He said, his voice low and dark.
She struggled to keep quiet, knowing discovery could happen at any second.
“I like this mattress, don’t you?” He said into her ear.
His hand moved across her breasts as he held her against him.
“I think some one is coming.” Her voice was frantic.
“Yes…” and she felt him finish.

Sean turned away to adjust his pants as the smiling employee walked around the corner.
“Did you folks need any help?”

“No, we’re good.”Emma said.
Sean turned and met Emma’s eyes ” We are very good.”

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Non-intended use…

A spatula,
A whip,
A feather,


A wooden spoon,
A blindfold,
A leather belt,
Whip Cream…

High heels,

Making Love,

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

You’d think I’d enjoy the days to myself. The time to do whatever I want. No trying to decide what’s for dinner, no cleaning up after anyone else.
I did I guess, at first. the first few hours of silence, I was giddy with excitement. I could read until all hours of the night, watch porn, masturbate maybe.
By the third day, I starting getting needy.
Conversations in the morning and evening with him didn’t help.
If anything, it made the longing worse.
Day seven I was desperate, begging for him to come home.
Eight days.
He came home on the tenth day. Barely made it through the door before I was in his arms.
He kissed me. Oh god. It was like being kissed for the first time. The taste of him, tongue in my mouth, teeth scraping my lips…
We didn’t waste time getting all our clothes off. Shoes, jeans, pants, underwear flew through the air.
We made it to the bed, but only just. He was inside me by the time my back hit the bed, pounding at me like his life depended on it.
I clawed at his back, his hips, yanked his shirt off.
My shirt and bra went somewhere, he squeezed and kneaded my breasts, bent his head and growled as my nipple slid between his lips.
I arched my back, full off the bed.
He was hot, hard.
I was wet, writhing beneath him.
I don’t know who finished first…
It didn’t matter really.
He covered my mouth as I screamed, clutched my hips to him as he filled me.

Later we lay in each others arms, naked, skin to skin.
We made love again, and again, and again.

They say it makes the heart grow fonder.
Absence also makes the pussy wetter and the cock harder….

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Oh my god! It has been forever since I have posted, written, commented…..

I’m still here, still alive, still having sexy thoughts and ideas in my head. This end of summer got busy. So freaking busy. 

But I have a wonderful tablet now and a personal request from my husband to please take time to write.

The plan for the future is to write a little before bedtime, just a little each day. That  doesn’t mean I’ll post each day but I’ll definitely be writing.

So, until I get a story out of my head and typed,


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FFF- 8-1-14 – Dear Diary…

FFF 8-1-14

Dear Diary,

Today is the day. I am typing this entry before I do the search, before I put in my credit card information. I have to be careful because, you know, mom is in the other room. OMG! she would freak if she knew what I was doing!
So here goes, I am opening up the search engine write now…
What should I look for?

Maybe if I take off my clothes I’ll get some inspiration-
Okay diary, I’m back, naked, gawd! I feel so wicked!!! Oh I checked the lock on my bedroom door again. Do not want to be interrupted!
I looked up ‘porn’.
Diary, there are a lot of choices here, where do I start… I don’t even know what I want to watch. OMG!! I think my pussy is wet just thinking about what I’m going to do.
Maybe if I look up girls close to my age
Diary, I searched ‘teens fucking’.
Oh. OOHHH!!!!
Umm, diary, I’ll get back with you later…

I’m back! It’s like, OMG! 2 hours! I watched porn for 2 hours!
I feel great! I just had the most intense orgasms ever!!!! OMG!
I think I had like , 4-5-6 I lost count. That first one was wicked, oh no, dirty. The girl in the video was just too young but what they were doing…omahgod!!!
There was one where (I’m getting wet again just thinking about it!) where there were like 6 guys and they had dicks everywhere! her mouth- pussy- each hand- even her ass!! ohh!!!
Another on was two girls- were totally eating each other out. It was so hot!! I got so wet watching oral…O.M.G!!! I Think I left a spot on the bed!!!
OOHH, the 69 one was so hot! I don’t think that girl was faking. She was like going to town on this guy and then she threw her head back and started humping his face! His hands were digging into her thighs trying to keep her pussy against his mouth. His tongue kept working her over! just licking and sucking!!!
Diary, This was the Best. 18th. Birthday. In. History.


Flash Fiction Friday rules for today:

Word limit 350

Forbidden Words: Money, Regret

Extra Credit: Tell us if you’ve ever paid for sex, on-line or off
Bonus Words: 50 if you make her barely legal, barely

This one was fun

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Fortune Cookie… in Bed

It’s a bit of a juvenile game. But we still do it because it gives us a laugh.

“You will take a chance in the near future, and win… in bed.”

“The wise thing to do is to prepare for the unexpected…in bed.”

Totally juvenile…

Have a good Thursday! 😉

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Quickie… On the Roof

Emma’s feet slid a little lower on the roof. She shifted to maintain her balance, pulled the roof felt taut and handed Sean another nail.
Sean glanced at Emma. Her feet were spread at an odd angle as she balanced on the slope of the roof. From where he was, he could see right into her very short shorts. She wasn’t wearing panties.

Sean instructed Emma to move down, to stand on the board nailed across the roof for support as they worked. She did so, uncertain the board would hold her weight.
Sean made his way down the slope, relieving himself of his tools as he did.
He came up behind her, spread her legs with his hand, and before she realized what was happening, had entered her in one smooth stroke.

“Oh God!Sean!” Emma’s body was pushed against the roof. She reached above her and curled her fingers into the peak, certain the single two by four wouldn’t hold their combined weight.
Sean pushed his hand under her body, between her legs. His finger pressed against her, his voice whispered into her ear. “Are you gonna cum for me, out here on the roof, in the open?”
She whimpered in response, her body desperate to move but pinned beneath his thrusting body. He pinched the her clit between his fingers, then pulled his hand away. She gasped and pulsed around him, the orgasm shooting through her body.
He became like a man possessed, each push into her barely completed before he jerked back and started another.
He buried his face in her neck, body stiffening as he finished inside her.

Sean pulled back, gazed at the woman before him.
She was spread-eagle on the roof, the backs of her thighs glistened with moisture, her breathing still heavy.
Sean lifted the hem of her top and kissed her lower back. Then he slapped her butt.” Come on, we aren’t done yet.”
Emma’s thought as she tried to move was that she was totally done.

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