Quickie… On the Roof

Emma’s feet slid a little lower on the roof. She shifted to maintain her balance, pulled the roof felt taut and handed Sean another nail.
Sean glanced at Emma. Her feet were spread at an odd angle as she balanced on the slope of the roof. From where he was, he could see right into her very short shorts. She wasn’t wearing panties.

Sean instructed Emma to move down, to stand on the board nailed across the roof for support as they worked. She did so, uncertain the board would hold her weight.
Sean made his way down the slope, relieving himself of his tools as he did.
He came up behind her, spread her legs with his hand, and before she realized what was happening, had entered her in one smooth stroke.

“Oh God!Sean!” Emma’s body was pushed against the roof. She reached above her and curled her fingers into the peak, certain the single two by four wouldn’t hold their combined weight.
Sean pushed his hand under her body, between her legs. His finger pressed against her, his voice whispered into her ear. “Are you gonna cum for me, out here on the roof, in the open?”
She whimpered in response, her body desperate to move but pinned beneath his thrusting body. He pinched the her clit between his fingers, then pulled his hand away. She gasped and pulsed around him, the orgasm shooting through her body.
He became like a man possessed, each push into her barely completed before he jerked back and started another.
He buried his face in her neck, body stiffening as he finished inside her.

Sean pulled back, gazed at the woman before him.
She was spread-eagle on the roof, the backs of her thighs glistened with moisture, her breathing still heavy.
Sean lifted the hem of her top and kissed her lower back. Then he slapped her butt.” Come on, we aren’t done yet.”
Emma’s thought as she tried to move was that she was totally done.

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