FFF- 8-1-14 – Dear Diary…

FFF 8-1-14

Dear Diary,

Today is the day. I am typing this entry before I do the search, before I put in my credit card information. I have to be careful because, you know, mom is in the other room. OMG! she would freak if she knew what I was doing!
So here goes, I am opening up the search engine write now…
What should I look for?

Maybe if I take off my clothes I’ll get some inspiration-
Okay diary, I’m back, naked, gawd! I feel so wicked!!! Oh I checked the lock on my bedroom door again. Do not want to be interrupted!
I looked up ‘porn’.
Diary, there are a lot of choices here, where do I start… I don’t even know what I want to watch. OMG!! I think my pussy is wet just thinking about what I’m going to do.
Maybe if I look up girls close to my age
Diary, I searched ‘teens fucking’.
Oh. OOHHH!!!!
Umm, diary, I’ll get back with you later…

I’m back! It’s like, OMG! 2 hours! I watched porn for 2 hours!
I feel great! I just had the most intense orgasms ever!!!! OMG!
I think I had like , 4-5-6 I lost count. That first one was wicked, oh no, dirty. The girl in the video was just too young but what they were doing…omahgod!!!
There was one where (I’m getting wet again just thinking about it!) where there were like 6 guys and they had dicks everywhere! her mouth- pussy- each hand- even her ass!! ohh!!!
Another on was two girls- were totally eating each other out. It was so hot!! I got so wet watching oral…O.M.G!!! I Think I left a spot on the bed!!!
OOHH, the 69 one was so hot! I don’t think that girl was faking. She was like going to town on this guy and then she threw her head back and started humping his face! His hands were digging into her thighs trying to keep her pussy against his mouth. His tongue kept working her over! just licking and sucking!!!
Diary, This was the Best. 18th. Birthday. In. History.


Flash Fiction Friday rules for today:

Word limit 350

Forbidden Words: Money, Regret

Extra Credit: Tell us if you’ve ever paid for sex, on-line or off
Bonus Words: 50 if you make her barely legal, barely

This one was fun

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3 Responses to FFF- 8-1-14 – Dear Diary…

  1. advizor54 says:

    THIS IS FANTASTIC.. I love the idea of her first time, exploring what she’s avoided for so long, until it was legal, until she was ready. Very very hot, Thank you for an arousing read

  2. John says:

    LOL. I remember my first pornographic picture on the computer. It came with my friend’s CD of thousands of royalty free images and there were a handful of “dodgy” ones which we found; we would have been 12/13 and it was Z01.jpg. It was of a naked woman kneeling by the pool with mid-brown hair and a scintillatingly mischievous smile.

    It made quite an impression!

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