Quickie… The Furniture Store

Sean moved behind her, hands yanking her leggings down to her thighs.
She tried to stay upright on her feet, her hands digging into the much too high mattress in front of her.
His hand moved to her belly, pulled her against him as he entered her.
She gasped as he filled her, her body not quite ready for his invasion.
His growl in her ear changed that, she bit back a moan.
“Don’t. Make. A. Sound.” He said, his voice low and dark.
She struggled to keep quiet, knowing discovery could happen at any second.
“I like this mattress, don’t you?” He said into her ear.
His hand moved across her breasts as he held her against him.
“I think some one is coming.” Her voice was frantic.
“Yes…” and she felt him finish.

Sean turned away to adjust his pants as the smiling employee walked around the corner.
“Did you folks need any help?”

“No, we’re good.”Emma said.
Sean turned and met Emma’s eyes ” We are very good.”

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2 Responses to Quickie… The Furniture Store

  1. vanillamom says:

    oh, love love love the use of the double entendre in this! How hot, how fast. You’ve done a wonderfully fun job here! Bravo!


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