On fifty shades, the movie

I am really NOT liking the new edition of Word press. some of that might be because it is so long between times that I write anymore and I haven’t really acquainted myself with the new layout. Still, I don’t like it.

So yes, here I am back for a bit to write a little. I don’t know if I sill have followers, ok so I know I have a few….
It’s my own fault of course, I haven’t made writing a priority or anything.

I wanted to give a little ‘review’ of the Fifty Shades movie. I imagine most of you have seen it, or will see it.
First, I thought the film itself was beautiful. the lighting, sets, colors, etc… The playroom was a  lovely contrast of red and leather that filmed well.
Dakota Johnson, cast as Ana Steele, brought a little more to the character than I expected. She gave Ana a some depth, making her appear as an innocent and confused woman rather than the dumb and spineless girl depicted in the book.

Jamie Dornan as Mr. Grey was… well, physically he fit the description.  🙂 I’m not sure if it was him or the screen writers, but he also had a little more depth of character, coming across as simply controlling as opposed to being a stalker.
The sex scenes were ok. With the hype I expected more, much more.  The camera focused on Miss Johnsons writhing body so much I felt it was repetitive and boring.  The most erotic scene in the movie was a very short scene where Ana is sitting in bed, clothed and Christian stalks across the end of the bed to her, gets right in her face… and proceeds to take a bite of the toast she is eating.
It seemed that the directors/writers forgot the movie was supposed to be ‘mommy porn’, aimed at an adult female audience. The was much female nudity and very little male nudity. One scene the camera goes very low on Mr. Dornan’s pelvis then moves away.
That’s it. Not even a single male full frontal. I was very disappointed.

If I were to compare the book and film I would say I much preferred the film. The characters were better and they went into the D/s dynamic from his view a bit more than the book does.
However, on the whole, I don’t really care for either. I’ll probably watch the sequels when they come out, out of curiosity and because I am a fan of film.

If you’ve seen it, I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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One Response to On fifty shades, the movie

  1. Wordwytch says:

    I saw some of the teasers, and I won’t bother with the movie. I’d much rather watch Outlander. 🙂 Hope you get back in your groove again! hugs!

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