Quickie… on the Trampoline

Not quite dark outside, dusk, when its difficult to see, to make out clear shapes. The street lights haven’t come on yet.
He convinced her to put on a skirt, no panties, he is wearing basketball shorts.
Sean leads her to the trampoline, has her climb in first. He admires her ass in the skirt.
Emma takes a deep breath as she slides through the safety net, she is shaky with anticipation, with need.
He follows her in and zips the trampolines safety net shut. The net creates an illusion of privacy.
He pulls her toward him, slips his hands under her skirt. His fingers grip her thighs, hips, as he sits on the trampoline.
He pulls his shorts down for access, he is hard. She is wet. They are both ready.

Later she worries that the spot will stain the trampoline, he tells her it will dry.
And, there will be other wet spots on the mat, in the future.

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