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Quickie… on the Trampoline

Not quite dark outside, dusk, when its difficult to see, to make out clear shapes. The street lights haven’t come on yet. He convinced her to put on a skirt, no panties, he is wearing basketball shorts. Sean leads her … Continue reading

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On fifty shades, the movie

I am really NOT liking the new edition of Word press. some of that might be because it is so long between times that I write anymore and I haven’t really acquainted myself with the new layout. Still, I don’t … Continue reading

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Tentacle parody…

I came across an interesting parody of the famous/infamous shades of grey series. It is by Anita Dobbs, available on ITunes (imagine that). Are you ready for the title? ‘Fifty Shades of Grey Tentacles The sequel? Fifty Shades of  Grey- … Continue reading

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Quickie… The Furniture Store

Sean moved behind her, hands yanking her leggings down to her thighs. She tried to stay upright on her feet, her hands digging into the much too high mattress in front of her. His hand moved to her belly, pulled … Continue reading

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Non-intended use…

A spatula, A whip, A feather, Scarves… Clamps, Clothespins, Ice, Chocolate… A wooden spoon, A blindfold, A leather belt, Whip Cream… Handcuffs, Ponytails, High heels, Corsets… Making Love, Shagging, Fucking, Sex…

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Absence. Quiet. You’d think I’d enjoy the days to myself. The time to do whatever I want. No trying to decide what’s for dinner, no cleaning up after anyone else. I did I guess, at first. the first few hours … Continue reading

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Oh my god! It has been forever since I have posted, written, commented….. I’m still here, still alive, still having sexy thoughts and ideas in my head. This end of summer got busy. So freaking busy.  But I have a … Continue reading

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FFF- 8-1-14 – Dear Diary…

Dear Diary, Today is the day. I am typing this entry before I do the search, before I put in my credit card information. I have to be careful because, you know, mom is in the other room. OMG! she … Continue reading

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Fortune Cookie… in Bed

It’s a bit of a juvenile game. But we still do it because it gives us a laugh. “You will take a chance in the near future, and win… in bed.” “The wise thing to do is to prepare for … Continue reading

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Quickie… On the Roof

Emma’s feet slid a little lower on the roof. She shifted to maintain her balance, pulled the roof felt taut and handed Sean another nail. Sean glanced at Emma. Her feet were spread at an odd angle as she balanced … Continue reading

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