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Non-intended use…

A spatula, A whip, A feather, Scarves… Clamps, Clothespins, Ice, Chocolate… A wooden spoon, A blindfold, A leather belt, Whip Cream… Handcuffs, Ponytails, High heels, Corsets… Making Love, Shagging, Fucking, Sex… Advertisements

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Absence. Quiet. You’d think I’d enjoy the days to myself. The time to do whatever I want. No trying to decide what’s for dinner, no cleaning up after anyone else. I did I guess, at first. the first few hours … Continue reading

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All work, no play…

I had intended to write today. Instead, I worked on my site a little. Now all the serials are on the menu, and can be read together. I had to watch a youtube video to figure out how to do … Continue reading

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It’s Friday….

What makes Friday special? Yeah, its almost the weekend, which means no work, no getting up early. But it also means she gets to be with him. She gets hot thinking about it. Friday is their day. She wonders what … Continue reading

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I feel sexy, oh so sexy…

Last week sometime I was standing in front of the mirror naked, really looking at myself, at my body. I’m a good looking woman, somewhat overweight, fortunately I am very, very busty so no matter my size I always have … Continue reading

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This is Erotic…

Seeing my fingers on him, wrapped around his girth. The pulse of him against my tongue. His hands wrapped tightly around my hair. His thighs, muscles taught as he pushes against my mouth. His breath, heavy, labored. That moment of … Continue reading

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The lake is manmade, a resivior. There is evidence of the land having been farmed before the lake was made. Under the water in the deepest part of the lake lies the remnants of an old farmstead, all that is … Continue reading

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I’m back!!!!!

Hurray!!!! I finally have internet again! Now if I can get my computer hooked up I will be blogging again. Rose

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Real Life Intervenes: Update

Right now Husband and I are going through a very rough patch in our lives. Through some unwise financial decisions we are at a place where filing bankruptcy is our only option. We will be losing our house and one … Continue reading

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Real Life intervenes…..

So, sometimes life sucks. This last week, was one of those times. Lots going on that I can’t share just yet. But it means a new chapter, new surroundings, ect. My family is safe and we are well, which is … Continue reading

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