The Dentist…

It strikes again! I couldn’t help it! 🙂

Jenny relaxed against the dentist chair. The dentist and cute hygienist worked on her open mouth. she was just after a filling, nothing major. She was excited about the fact that she finally had dental insurance and could get some work done on her teeth. She sighed a little, she’d had her teeth cleaned last week, compared to that, this seemed like a walk in the park.
She opened her eyes and looked through the dark glasses at the hygienist. Even with the mask on he was cute. Oh yes. And those eyes, now focused on her mouth, were so sexy. Come-to-bed-with-me eyes, that’s what they were. She wondered if they turned darker when he was aroused. She wondered if she was weird, getting aroused by a sexy hygienist while getting her teeth worked on. Probably. Jenny decided it was ok, she hadn’t been laid in a while, and… she was horny.
She sighed again. It wasn’t too bad, and the chair was really comfortable.

Something moved up her thigh, sliding between her legs. It cupped her, stroked her through her panties. It felt good, very good, but really a dentist shouldn’t be touching her like that.
But the two men were still intent on what they were doing to her mouth.

What ever it was continued to rub against her panties. Jenny struggled to stay still, to keep from wriggling. Her eyes kept flitting around the room, trying to find who was touching her.
It kept working at her, finally slipping past her panties and inside her wet, opening. Jenny stifled a gasp. The two men working on her mouth didn’t even notice.
It pushed inside her. It was cold, wet, hard. And, jenny realized with a whimper, really big. It stretched her as it moved deeper.
Jenny cried out in pain and pleasure.
Jenny arms came up, hands reaching for the dark glasses covering her eyes. Something moved through the air capturing her wrists, pulling her back against the chair. Her ankles were caught as she struggled, a cold wet thing pulled her legs apart and bent them at the knees, feet together.

She tried to lift her knees up, to close her legs, but something held her thighs down too.
The Thing pulled out, then darted back inside her. Cold slid across her mound, played with her as the other thing pumped in and out.
Fear and arousal fought for dominance as her body reacted. She was shaking with terror, with the need to come. The need to move with the Thing, the desire for it to go deeper, harder, was overwhelming.

In the end she stopped fighting it.
When Jenny came, her whole body tensed, rising off the chair, her back arched, hips in the air. She screamed as the orgasm slammed her body, as the Thing kept moving in and out, prolonging each sensation, each wave of ecstasy.
Then she passed out.

“Miss? Jenny?” The voice was muffled.
She opened her eyes, looked through the glasses, blinked. Two men looked back at her, one still wearing a face mask, the other not.
The Dentist glanced at the hygienist. “I think she fell asleep on us.”
Jenny heard a low chuckle.” That’s probably a first.”
“Jenny?” The voice inquired again.
The chair moved up, putting her in a sitting position. Jenny pulled off the glasses.
The Dentist looked at her, a hint of concern in his eyes. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine, I must have been sleepier than I thought.” She grimaced “Wow, this is embarrassing. I am so sorry.”
The dentist smiled ” Any pain anywhere, throbbing?”
“What?, oh, in my mouth? No, no, I’m fine, it feels fine. ” Jenny didn’t say that the throbbing was farther south…
The dentist gave told her what to watch for in case something went wrong with the filling then left.
The hygienist removed the napkin from around her neck and helped her from the chair. “Come again.” He said as she walked out of the room.

It was much later when Jenny finally made it to a bathroom. She passed out when she discovered the creamy goo dripping from her panties.

At the Dentist office, another young woman was settling back in the dentist chair, head back, eyes covered in dark glasses…

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Quickie…At a Wedding

Emma sighed. The wedding reception for a close friend of Sean’s was in full swing. There was laughter and talking, people were finishing up at the buffet line, and others were eating.
Emma looked across the room to where Sean was seated. He was the Best Man and there for seated at the bridal table. It was ok with Emma, she was having a good time, except…
She was… well, she wasn’t sure what she was. Horny, yes. But she didn’t just want sex, she wanted him in her mouth.
She wanted to go down on him until he burst in her mouth.
She fidgeted for a bit, looking around the room.
She made note of the long black tablecloth covering the bridal table.
Emma waited until Sean went for seconds. Then talking and visiting she made her way to the table, and with a quick glance around the room, she ducked under it.
Emma waited beneath the table, pulling herself as small as she could when the groom and Sean sat down.
She moved between Sean’s legs. Felt him stiffen as she slid her hands up his thighs.
He scooted the chair a bit closer to the table. She unzipped his pants and pulled him out.
She moaned when she saw he was half erect.
Emma sucked him into her mouth.
He slid down his chair a little, providing her better access.
She took it, pulling him against her throat.
Sean put his hand under the table and pushed her head down.
She groaned around him.
Then she got into a rhythm, sucking, licking, grazing the tip with her teeth, sucking, licking…
The muscles in his thigh flexed, tightened and he came, filling her mouth with cum. She moaned in appreciation, then stroked him up and down to get every drop into her mouth.
She released his wet cock, and helped him zip back up.
She waited until the Dj called out for the first dance to exit the table.
She met Sean’s reproaching look with a flirty grin.
“Really?” He said as she stood beside him.
“You enjoyed it, didn’t you?”
“Good.” She gave him a quick kiss, then turned and watched the newlyweds dance.
Sean gave her butt a painful pinch.
She just smiled.
This wedding was awesome.

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All work, no play…

I had intended to write today. Instead, I worked on my site a little. Now all the serials are on the menu, and can be read together. I had to watch a youtube video to figure out how to do that. My husband uses youtube all the time to learn new things, so I thought I’d try it too.

I received our school calendar in the mail yesterday. I greeted it with joy. Yes, I love my son, but I am ready for school to start again, ready for our lives to be back into some kind schedule, ready to start getting to bed earlier, not ready to get up earlier, but that’s part of it I suppose. 🙂
So, nothing sexy today.
Seriously, this week (and last) have been crazy.

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Quickie…at the Dentist Office

Emma lay in the chair. She had come to the dentist for a cleaning. However something had happened at the other end of the office and the hygenist had been called away to help. Some one else had come in a few moments later to tell her she might be waiting a while until the situation was taken care of.
So she waited. It being the middle of the afternoon and her being just a tad sleepy, she closed her eyes.
The door opened then closed. Emma opened her eyes, expecting to see the hygienist.
Sean stood over her, pulling on a pair of bright orange plastic gloves.
“What are you doing back here?” She tried to sit up.
He just grinned and push her back against the chair.”I thought I’d come say hi'”
The hand on her chest moved to her breast, his other hand moved to her thigh, sliding under her skirt.
“Sean, they’ll be back soon!” She squeezed her legs together.
“I don’t think so.” he said, slapping her thigh lightly. ” Besides, I can be quick.”
Emma squeaked when his hand came down on her thigh again, this time slightly harder.
Sean’s finger rubbed her mound through her panties.” Oh… you are already wet.”
Emma closed her eyes. Both in pleasure and embarrassment, she was certain someone would walk in on them.
And that made her hot.
Sean moved, pulling his hand form her breast, giving her nipple a good pinch through her bra as he did. He selected on of the dental tools and put it against her clit. He turned it on.
Emma’s hips lifted from the chair, she pushed into the vibrating tool.
“Sean! That goes into people’s mouths!”She panted. ” God! you can’t… You really shouldn’t.. Oh…”
Sean pulled another tool out.
He moved the first away and quickly hit her hot flesh with a stream of cold water.
Emma whimpered.
Sean smiled as he replaced the first two tools and went after the last one. He placed it right against her clit.
“Fuck!”Emma slapped a hand over her mouth.
It was the Sucker. The little rubber hose used to suction the water out of the mouth.
It was on her clit, her tender, aroused, clit.
He pulled the tool away.
He straddled the chair, grasped her thighs, pulled her right against his crotch. His gloved hand moved between them, then she felt it against her panties, now against her over-sensitive flesh…
He was hot and hard as he pushed into her. His fingers spread around her thighs, jerking her closer.
She came on when his thumb brushed across her clit.
There was one, two, three hard thrusts, he came on the fourth.
Sean pulled out and wiped himself off on Emma’s panties.
He zipped himself back into his pants and adjusted her skirt.
“I’ll be in the waiting area.” He kissed her then left.

Emma was still flushed and breathing heavy when the hygienist returned.

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Quickie… In the Morning

He shut the alarm off, It wasn’t time to get up just yet. He rolled over to wrap his arm around her, to pull her close. His arm slipped around her, just under her bare breasts. He pulled her back against him. It took his sleepy mind a few moments to register what his body had already noticed.
Emma was naked.
Her bare butt was snug against him, he could feel the warm skin of her back against his belly.
She wiggled a little, rubbing against him.
Sean put his hand on her breast, squeezing gently. Grasped her nipple between his fingers, pinched it, rolled it, pulled at it.
She moaned, pushed herself into his hand.
His mouth went to her ear. He nibbled and bit, catching the soft flesh of her lobe between his teeth.
“I want you…” He whispered.
His hand left her breast, moved between her legs.
“On your hands and knees…”
He pushed against her butt.
“I want you to cum for me…”
A finger slid inside her.
“With your face against the bed…
He rubbed gently, spreading the wetness he found inside her.
“Your ass in the air…”
She moved, putting her nipple within reach of his mouth.
“I want you…”
He took it, sucked hard, causing her to arch her back.
“I want you now…”
He moved away, stripped off his shorts.
She was on her hands and knees, ass in the air, ready for him.
Sean took her, just like he wanted.
And Emma came when he did, body quivering and shaking.

The last alarm went off minutes later.

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Flash Fiction Friday- Date on a Train


FFF Rules:
Key Words: Parting, Station
Word Limit: 200
Forbidden Words: Discreet, Forbidden, Tryst
Extra Credit: Name the train and the destination

Date on a Train

Every week it was the same. She sat on her side, he on his. They didn’t talk, eyes did not meet. But each was aware of the others presence.
She was aware of how his suit fit, it was always snug in the crotch area. She knew the color of his eyes, the blush running up his throat as he looked at her legs.

He was aware of the rise of her breasts with each breath, the soft curve of her buttocks beneath her skirt. He was achingly aware of her lips each time her tongue darted out to wet them.
It wasn’t very long, their time together. Just a few moments each morning and evening as they traveled to and from the city.

Her station was near, they would soon be parting.

She stood up, her eyes meeting his for the first time. She glanced at his lap, where his hands tried to cover his erection. Her red lips curved in a sly smile.
She dropped a small piece of paper into his lap. Then she left.

He waited till she was gone. Then looked at the paper.
It held a name, and a number.
His lips turned up in a slow smile.

It has been a while since I have participated in FFF. It took me all week to get an idea, and about 25 minutes to write.
I type slow. 🙂


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so, maybe it is sexy, after all…

Suddenly I have a whole load of inspiration with the dentist office. But, as my writing time for each day is limited, I won’t be posting them until next week.
But until then…

It’s the chair, you see, that really cool chair they can lift you up, lay you back.
It needs straps…
Imagine a dentist chair with straps…
It’s not terribly wide, so it could be straddled easily.

‘He straddled the chair, grasped her thighs, pulled her right against his crotch. His gloved hand moved between them, then she felt it against her panties, now against her over-sensitive flesh…’


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Revenge 2

Sandy paused. the strap-on pushed against his skin. She knew he could feel it. The pitch of his voice got higher as he swore, yelled and screamed. Joe was talking to him in a quiet voice, she couldn’t hear what he was saying.

Sandy looked down at her husband’s ass, the plastic penis setting against his skin. The sudden realization of what she was doin hit her with full force.

It hadn’t been a surprise to discover her husbands infidelity. She’s long suspected it, really didn’t care. Sandy was curious about his mistress, for that’s what she was. Set up in a nice apartment, nice car, the woman Shana was gorgeous. She had beautiful curves and stunning features. Sandy didn’t blame him for choosing Shana.
Shana however didn’t know he was married. Together the two women had discovered a long trail of affairs, then… Shana found the laptop.
It was the hundred or so videos on the laptop that had changed a simple desire for comeuppance to something deeper, something darker.
Joe joined the two women after they tracked down his sister, one of the man’s many victims.
It was the thought of those victims, the woman with their bruised, battered bodies. His voice in the background telling the women that they had already had consensual sex with him once, therefore what he was doing wasn’t rape.
If it had been obvious Play, a little S & M, it wouldn’t have mattered. But it wasn’t.
Sandy would never forget the screams…
Her husband screamed in anger, in frustration…
And Sandy remembered why she was there.
With one violent move, she pushed the rubber forward, into her husbands ass.

Sandy moved in furious, punishing strokes. Every emotion she had bottled up, she loosed against her husbands body. He screamed in pain, in pleasure, his voice rose when he came against his will.
She punished him until he passed out.
Then, tears running down her face, sweat pouring from her body, she pulled back.

Joe stood beside her. He held a plastic bag open in front of her. She pulled the condom off the strap-on then removed her gloves and added both to the bag.

In silence they unbound the man on the bed, then left the room.

Several months later…

Sandy watched her husbands face, no, his mug shot, cover the TV screen. Her cell phone rang, it was Shana.
“Are you watching?”
“You win the bet, you know.”
“I really thought he would last longer.”
– Has Joe seen it?
“Yeah, and his sister. He said she smiled for the first time in months.”
“Joe said he’d get you your twenty bucks next time he sees you.”
-And you?
“Lunch tomorrow?”
-Works for me.
“What will you spend that forty bucks on?”
-If I could I’d buy those guys in prison a drink, since I can’t, well, maybe I’ll give it to local woman’s shelter or something like that.
“Do you have any regrets?”
-Only that I didn’t find out sooner.
” Yeah, me too.”
The conversation ended. Sandy changed the channel on the TV, but it was the same thing.
The death of a highly paid lawyer in his prison cell, sadistic and depraved or no, seemed to be a big deal.

In her opinion, he didn’t deserve even one second of news time. With a huff she turned off the TV and left the room.
She hoped his short time in prison had been worse than the what she had done to him. She really did.

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The dentists office: sexy it isn’t!

So yeah, Second dental visit in my entire life, a week from my first one.
I am lying there getting my teeth cleaned. And I thought here was a good time to see if something like a dentist office could inspire my sexy imagination.

Not happening.
Then the dentist walked in. My age probably, male, good looking, friendly. Very professional.

Blank mind.
It was only later, way later, that it came to me.


No, it won’t involve the dentist.:)

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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Quicky…In a Pink Thong

He followed the sweet scent through the house, found her standing in front of the gas range. He took in the scene before him.
She was barefoot, her thighs incased in a very tight very short black skirt. He thought he could see a hint of pink thong underneath. She wore one of those peasant type tops that offered her neck and cleavage in a delicious display of flesh. Her hair was untamed today, pulled away form her face with a simple headband.
She hadn’t noticed him. She was swinging her hips, bouncing on her toes to a beat only she could hear.
She had just removed four gently roasted marshmallows form the heat. He watched as she took one and gingerly took a small bite. The melted center dripped down her chin…
Sean cleared his throat.

Emma jumped and turned, eyes wide, melted marshmallow coated lips curving into a smile.
Sean moved forward, his hands slid around her neck, one hand tipped her head back, the other went into her hair.
She moaned when his lips took hers, when his tongue pushed into her mouth. A deep shudder ran through her body when he firmly grasped a handful of hair and pulled her head back even farther.
She opened her mouth beneath his ravaging tongue, mewled with disappointment when his mouth left hers.
The hand on her neck moved to the small of her back, pulling her against him. His hot mouth traced down her neck, sending shivers and goose bumps up and down her spine.
Sean’s teeth nipped at the swell of her breasts, he latched on to the soft skin. Sucking and biting at the same time.
Emma was aware of the heat from his body, the heady mix of pain and pleasure on her breast. She made a little noise…
Sean lifted his head from her breasts, a smug, satisfied smile on his face. He let go of her hair, gave her a short kiss on the lips.
He turned away, whistling, pulled a cup from the cabinet, filled it with water.

Emma stood there, marshmallow still on her hands, skin flushed. Her lacy pink thong was soaked through, she knew. She blinked at Sean. “Is that it?”

Sean smiled as he took a drink. “For now.”

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