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Non-intended use…

A spatula, A whip, A feather, Scarves… Clamps, Clothespins, Ice, Chocolate… A wooden spoon, A blindfold, A leather belt, Whip Cream… Handcuffs, Ponytails, High heels, Corsets… Making Love, Shagging, Fucking, Sex… Advertisements

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Absence. Quiet. You’d think I’d enjoy the days to myself. The time to do whatever I want. No trying to decide what’s for dinner, no cleaning up after anyone else. I did I guess, at first. the first few hours … Continue reading

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The Dentist…

It strikes again! I couldn’t help it! 🙂 Jenny relaxed against the dentist chair. The dentist and cute hygienist worked on her open mouth. she was just after a filling, nothing major. She was excited about the fact that she … Continue reading

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Revenge 2

Sandy paused. the strap-on pushed against his skin. She knew he could feel it. The pitch of his voice got higher as he swore, yelled and screamed. Joe was talking to him in a quiet voice, she couldn’t hear what … Continue reading

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Quicky…In a Pink Thong

He followed the sweet scent through the house, found her standing in front of the gas range. He took in the scene before him. She was barefoot, her thighs incased in a very tight very short black skirt. He thought … Continue reading

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Quicky… At the Car Show

It’s that time of year again. Those beautiful cars, sleek, sexy lines. Drag racers with their deep, rumbling engines. Oh yes… Sean pressed Emma against the black car. His hand slid under her short flirt skirt. She laughed and batted … Continue reading

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Beware- this is a little different for me, a little dark. The woman stood in front of the mirror carefully examining the suit she was trying on. It was a man’s suit, but it hung well on her. She turned … Continue reading

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Seduction Part 2

Linda watched the two boys shovel snow. Occasionally one or the other would stop and look toward the window then visibly jerk and look away. Linda smiled and sipped her coffee. The boys finished working. They stood and talked for … Continue reading

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Part One – Seduction

She was so wet, so close; just a few more strokes would do it…. The doorbell rang, echoing through the house, causing her to jump. She moaned in frustration, thought about ignoring it. It rang again. Maybe she could just … Continue reading

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Modern Sex Part 7

The next business day found Sabrina and Alli sorting through the latest shipment of class materiel. Both women had extensive education in sex education. The idea for sex classes in the community they lived in had come from the old … Continue reading

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